What Is So Special (Beneficial) About Coffee?

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Of Course There Are Plenty Of Great Reasons To Drink Coffee!

Coffee Is One Of The Healthiest Beverages You Can Drink! And a cup of steaming hot coffee tastes good! Whether you are drinking coffee alone, or in good company with friends…

Coffee is more than a dark-colored liquid with caffeine…it has hundreds of different compounds, and several of those compounds have important health benefits.

Coffee Is An Important Source Of Antioxidants

Some of these compounds are well-known, like caffeine but there are other compounds which are antioxidants that protect our bodies from oxidation,which involves free radicals that damage cells and molecules in the body. Oxidation is a harmful process that experts now believe is one of the mechanisms behind aging and serious diseases like cancer and heart disease.

Studies have shown that the people who drink the most coffee live longer and have a reduced risk of diseases like diabetes.
Coffee is actually the biggest source of antioxidants in the western diet, outranking both vegetables and fruits…combined.

Drinking Coffee Lowers The Risk Of Getting Late-life Dementia

In several major studies have researchers followed the randomly selected participants under long time; in one study were 400,000+ people involved under a time period of 12-13 years, and in another major study 1400+ people participated under a period of 21 years and the results were remarkable. Those how drank the most coffee had lowered the risk of late-life dementia ( the Nord Karelia Project and the FINMONICA study ) and were much less likely to have died ( Freedman ND et al. Association of coffee drinking with total and cause-specific mortality. New England Journal of Medicine in 2012).

The sweet spot seems that it is at 4-5 cups per day, where men had a 12% reduced risk and women a 16% reduced risk. Drinking 6 or more cups per day provided no added benefits.
Even more moderate consumption of coffee , 1 cup per day associates with 5-6% reduction in risk of death, showing that even a little amount is enough to have an effect.

When they looked at particular causes of death, they found that the coffee drinkers were less likely to die from infections, injuries and accidents, respiratory disease, diabetes, stroke and heart disease.

Many Other Studies Have Lead To Similar Beneficial Results Of Drinking Coffee

At least 2 other studies have shown that coffee drinkers have a lower risk of premature death.
If we look at specific diseases, coffee drinkers have a lower risk of Alzheimer´s, Parkinson´s, type 2 diabetes and liver diseases…

Coffee Drinkers Happier…

Studies from Harvard have shown that coffee may make you happier, reducing the risk of depression by 20%, and the risk of suicide by 53%.


  • Don´t load your coffee with sugar
  • Choose a Quality Brand, and preferably Organic
  • Do not use artificial Sweeteners (Multiple studies associate artificial sweeteners with all sorts of
    health problems). Stevia is a natural alternative…
  • Add some Cinnamon to your coffee. Cinnamon is a tasty herb that mixes well with the flavor of coffee.
    Many studies have done with cinnamon and they have shown that cinnamon can lower blood sugar,
    cholesterol and triglycerides in diabetes.
  • Don´t use Low-Fat and artificial Creamers…commercial low-fat and artificial creamers more
    likely are highly processed and full of unnatural ingredients. Instead, consider adding some
    full-fat cream,preferably from grass-fed cows.
  • Add some cocoa to your coffee. Cocoa has a lot of antioxidants and it associates with all sorts of
    health benefits.
  • Brew your coffee with paper filter. Brew coffee may contain harmful substances known as diterpenes
    which can raise cholesterol levels in the blood. Getting rid of them is simple…just use a paper
  • No coffee after 2 PM. Caffeine in coffee can stimulate us to stay alert and this is one of the main
    reasons we love coffee so much…the caffeine gives us a lot of energy and helps us stay awake
    when we feel tired.
    But drinking coffee late in the day can interfere with our sleep. Poor sleep can cause all sorts
    of problems.

Coffee Can Increase Metabolism And Help Burn Fat

Caffeine, a psychoactive substance, known to help mobilize fats from the fat tissues and increase metabolism.In the brain caffeine blocks an inhibitory neurotransmitter called Adenosine and by blocking Adenosine, caffeine increases the firing of neurons and the release of neurotransmitters like Dopamine and Norepinephrine.
Besides caffeine coffee has several biologically active substances that can affect metabolism; Theobromine and Theophylline can also stimulate metabolism and Chlorogenic Acid may help slow absorption of carbohydrates.

Caffeine Stimulates The Nervous System

By stimulating the nervous system it sends direct signals to the fat cells to tell them to break down fat.
Another thing caffeine does is to increase the blood levels of the hormone Epinephrine, which is also known as Adrenaline.
Adrenaline travels through the blood,to the fat tissues, making it available for use as free fatty acids in the blood.
Interestingly, most of the increase in metabolism is that drinking coffee increases fat burning. But the effect is less pronounced in those who are obese.
Caffeine can improve exercise performance by 11-12% and athletic performance via increased mobilization of fatty acids from the fat tissues.

Coffee, Weight Loss, Short-term, Long-term-Effect.

In the short-term, caffeine can boost the metabolic rate and increase fat burning but after a while people become tolerant to the effects and it stops working.
But even if coffee does not make you use more calories in the long-term, there is still a possibility that it cut appetite and helps you eat less.


1 teaspoon of cocoa
1/4 cup of coconut oil
1/2 cup of honey
1 cinnamon powdered
Put all the ingredients in a small bowl and stir it until they blend well. Store in a small jar then refrigerate.
Add one or two teaspoons of this mixture into your morning coffee while it´s still hot. Stir for several seconds or until the coconut oil melts.

Enjoy your coffee!


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Support comes with a cost too.

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You could teach your bot to answer common questions like:

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And potentially thousands more…

That’s why training a support bot will likely be an ongoing process but you only ever need to answer a question once. Once you’ve saved an answer, the next time your bot is asked that question it will know how to reply and respond accordingly.

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Do What It Takes To Be Best In Your Field

How to Become the Best in the World at What You Do

It can feel impossible to move toward your dreams. You know exactly what you want to do, but there are endless obstacles in your way.

There is so much competition — thousands or millions of people competing to do exactly what you want to do.

How do you get out of the rat race?

How do you advance quick enough to not have your dreams smashed into submission by society and imploded by “reality”?

How do you make the needed leaps to move beyond the masses vying for a similar position?

After all, you have bills to pay and tons of other responsibilities. You only have a limited amount of time each day. After work and everything else you’ve got going on, it’s easy to justify waiting until tomorrow. Even if you have the raw energy to do your work, you may feel guilty breaking from your relational obligations.

It truly can feel hopeless and overwhelming. There’s so much to learn. It can be easy to doubt our own abilities. Maybe we should just give up and accept reality for what it is?

The Truth Is…

Most of the competition are not hard to surpass. They’re dealing with the same existential and practical challenges you are. Their life isn’t structured for optimal creative expression. They are the primary obstacle in the path. Most will quit long before they ever really begin — always remaining mediocre at what they do.

With a few tweaks, you’ll quickly drop through a wormhole placing you in the top 5–10 percent in your field. The challenge then becomes to move from there to the top — which movement is the real contest. Getting to the top 5–10 percent merely requires a change in lifestyle. Getting to the top 1 percent requires a fundamental change in your being.

This post is a framework to quickly get you into the top 5–10 percent of your field so you can begin the real quest of becoming the best at what you do.

Phase One will get you to the top 5–10 percent of your field. Once you’re at this level, you are getting paid enough for your art to live on. This is key, as Paul Graham has said, “Once you cross the threshold of profitability, however low, your runway becomes infinite.” He calls the lowest tier of profitability, “Ramen Profitable,” which means a startup (or business of any sort) makes just enough to pay the founders’ living expenses.

Infinite runway means you can now dedicate all your “work” time to your work. You are no longer moonlighting or squeezing time in the margins of your life. You can pay your bills and eat Ramen. This is where Phase Two begins, and is really the beginning of your artistic journey — becoming the best in the world at what you do.

Let’s begin:

Phase One: Getting To Ramen Profitable (Or Sustainable)

1. Start As An Amateur

Kenzie and Harris were recently married. They had both dropped out of Brigham Young University and were working at the Apple store in downtown Salt Lake City. On the side, they were recording music covers and posting them on YouTube and Vine.

They had enough money in savings to live on a year, so they quit at Apple to make a run at becoming professional musicians. Every day, they would post Vines. For several months, their work went mostly unnoticed. They had a few thousand followers tops.

Then, everything changed. They posted a Vine that immediately went viral. The next day, they were contacted by some of the top Viners as well as agents who gave them contracts. They were now Ramen Profitable, had amazing connections, and on their way to making an amazing career as musicians.

Kenzie and Harris wouldn’t have had their breakthrough if they didn’t start as amateurs. They had some raw talent. But more than anything, they were willing to put themselves out there over and over and over. Quantity became quality. And then they put something out that people loved.

Very few people have the humility to start as amateurs. They procrastinate doing the work they want in the name of perfectionism. You know these people. The one’s who have been saying for years that they’re going to do something but never do. Yet inwardly, they’re terrified of what other people will think of them.

They’re caught in a state of paralysis by analysis — too busy calculating and never reaching a state of flow. Rather than doing work their own way, they do what they think will be well-received — being merely imitators of what is already popular.

2. Get Coaching/Education

Take your dreams seriously. Most people don’t. Take them serious enough to become amazing and move beyond mediocre. Get education and coaching.

“When the student is ready the teacher will appear.” — Buddha

Ever since returning from a two-year mission trip, I’ve always known I wanted to be a writer. However, my dream remained a figment of my imagination until I became serious enough to get a mentor.

I’ve had two mentors that have changed how I write. One of my mentors was a young professor who taught me more in three months than I had learned in the previous four years.

Actually, he taught me more about academic writing and research in three months than most people learn through an entire PhD. With his help, I was easily able to get into the graduate school of my choice.

I started blogging about 21 months ago. Knowing this is something I’m serious about, I decided to get coaching. However, this time, I did it in the form of a virtual online course.

Within a month of taking the course, I wrote a blog post that was read over five million times across multiple outlets and in several languages. This online course was not the reason for my success; but it was an important part of the progression I would inevitably get one way or another.

You’ll know when you’re ready for the next level when you attract the right teacher to help you get there.

3. Stop Living The Broken Rules Everyone Else Is Living

If it’s popular it’s wrong. Most people are mediocre at what they do for a reason. They’re playing by rules that halt optimal performance. They are climbing traditional ladders intended to slow them down and keep them average.

When everyone else is zigging, that’s when you zag. Darren Hardy says you should run “toward the thing everyone else is running from” in order to stand out from the crowd.

As Peter Diamandis says, “The day before something is a breakthrough, it’s a crazy idea.” If what you’re doing doesn’t seem slightly crazy to you, and very crazy to other people, you’re probably following the safe path.

Instead of following the rules set by society, create your own rules. Restructure the game to automate your success. Dismiss the haters, convention, and conformity. Follow your heart and the voice inside you encouraging faith and forward movement. In order to be happy, you must build a lifestyle around being true to yourself. If you’re true to yourself, good things will follow.

4. Be Consistent Until You Have A Break Through


If you haven’t had your big break yet, keep going. Consistency is the most fundamental virtue to becoming the person you want to be. Almost everyone can sprint for a while. But most burn-out and quit. Everything meaningful in life is a marathon — meant to test your commitment and will.

If this is what you love doing, you’ll do it regardless of the outcome. In fact, obsession with a particular outcome will keep you from attaining your desired results. Your work will be forced rather than organically lived.

There is a natural law known as the compound effect. If you invest a small amount of money consistently, eventually compound interest takes over and growth becomes exponential. The same holds true for any habit, whether good or bad. If you do something long enough, compounding will take effect, momentum will surge, and you’ll begin to experience exponential results.

If you want it bad enough, you will do whatever it takes to make it happen. If you don’t, you won’t. You’ll be willing to reduce time with friends and hobbies, forego sleep, make big asks, take risks, find a mentor, get educated, and look foolish. You’ll be surprised how quickly you become Ramen Profitable when you take your work seriously.

Phase Two: Becoming The Best In The World At What You Do

The person who succumbs to temptation knows far less about its power than the person who resists it. Experience is key. Knowledge only becomes wisdom when it’s properly and consistently applied. Thus, the importance of learning from people who have actually been there, as opposed to sideline spectators. Never take advice from someone you wouldn’t want to switch places with.

Getting to the top 5–10 percent in your field can be done by following principles taught by other people. However, in order to become the best at what you do, at some point you leave it all behind. You become an innovator. A pioneer. An artist.

In order to get to the top 1 percent of performers, you must come up to the razor’s edge — the brink of disaster — where probability of failure is high. At this point, everything you’ve been taught is opposed by what you feel you should do. But your intuition is operating at a higher level.

5. Structure Your Entire Life To Optimize Your Performance

Entering the realm of the best in the world requires becoming holistic about your art. Everything you do matters. Every moment of your life either contributes to or takes away from what you’re trying to accomplish — the food you eat — activities you do — people you spend time with — and how you spend your mornings and evenings.

Most people’s lives are structured in a reactive way. The first thing they do in the morning is check their email or social media. They may even read a good book. But all of these things are highly addictive inputs.

In order to become a creative master, you must focus your efforts on outputsby leveraging your subconscious mind. While you’re away from your work, like sleeping, spending time with friends, or other activities, your subconscious is working through and mulling over the problems you’re trying to solve.

The first thing to do when you wake up is output. This may be in the form of writing in a journal to capture all the work your subconscious has been doing while you were sleeping.

Or immediately getting to the project you’re working on. When you get out of a meeting or finish any form of activity, rather than going directly to your email or other input, maximize your subconscious by going directly to output — your work. Creative and insightful eruptions of intellectual inspiration will flow.

Being healthy and free from physical pain is also crucial for enhanced performance. In his book, The Great Pain Deception, Stephen Ozanich wrote:

“Pain and other chronic symptoms are physical manifestations of unresolved internal conflict. Symptoms surface as the instinctual mechanism for self-survival. They are messages from the inner self wanting to be heard, but ego takes center-stage, and hides the truth within the shadows of the unconscious mind: which is the body.”

In the 1990’s neuroscientist Candice Pert, Ph.D., shared her discovery that the body, not the brain, is the subconscious mind which communicates via neuropeptides. Indeed, human beings are holistic. Our body and mind work in unison.

When we have unresolved tension in our lives, this tension is generally manifest in physical illness. When we clear ourselves of this tension, we allow our body to naturally and organically heal. When our bodies are healthy, we’re far more prone to inspiration.

6. Allow Time For Recovery

Less is more. When you focus on results, rather than being busy, you’re 100 percent ON when you’re working and 100 percent OFF when you’re not. This not only allows you to be present in the moment, but allows you the needed time to rest and recover.

The science if very compelling. Psychological-detachment from work is essential for being engaged while you’re working! Here are other benefits of psychological detachment from work:

Your ability to work at a high level is like fitness. If you never took a break between sets, you wouldn’t be able to build strength, stamina, and endurance. However, not all “rest” produces recovery. Certain things are more soothing than others.

Recovering from my work generally consists of writing in my journal, listening to music, spending time with my wife and kids, preparing and eating delicious food, or serving other people. These things rejuvenate me. They make my work possible, but also meaningful.

7. Have A Pre-Performance Routine That Gets You In Flow

Josh Waitzkin is a genius when it comes to learning and optimal human performance. He was a Chess prodigy as a child — he won five National Championship titles in Tai Chi Chuan — and is now focusing on becoming world-class at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He takes the fundamental principles of learning from the ground up and applies them laterally to different disciplines.

In order to “get in the zone,” Josh recommends a Pre-Performance routine. The goal is to reduce stress and anxiety so you can be present. These routines often take 20–60 minutes to put you in the zone. However, Josh recommends incrementally reducing the routine time to the point where simply thinking about it clicks you into the zone.

The purpose of the pre-performance routine is to alter your emotional state. Most people experience emotional resistance before engaging in a task, like say, writing.

That resistance could be a number of negative and suppressed emotions such as fear, uncertainty, and feelings of inadequacy. You don’t want these emotions to influence you while you work. They will negatively influence how you perform.

The pre-performance routine is intended to alter your emotional state to one of courage, peace, acceptance, and love. From these emotional states, your work will be far superior. Without question, how you feel in the moment you do you work determines how well you do.

8. Embrace Fear And Suffering

“The hero and the coward both feel the same thing, but the hero uses his fear, projects it onto his opponent, while the coward runs. It’s the same thing, fear, but it’s what you do with it that matters.” — Cus D’Amato

The idea of fearlessness is a false concept that is imposed by spectators. True performers feel fear and experience suffering. However, they learned to settle-into it like a yoga stretch.

Cycling is a sport notorious for the amount of suffering required. As Tyler Hamilton has said, “I discovered when I went all out, when I put 100 percent of my energy into some intense, impossible task — when my heart was jack-hammering, when lactic acid was sizzling through my muscles — that’s when I felt good, normal, balanced.”

Cyclists often refer to “the pain cave,” which is a mental place they go deeper and deeper into as they’re competing. “I went deeper than I thought I would.” “I was at the limit.” “I was totally pinned.” You often hear phrases like these in interviews after a cycling race.

“Mental resilience is arguably the most critical trait of a world-class performer, and it should be nurtured continuously. Left to my own devices, I am always looking for ways to become more and more psychologically impregnable. When uncomfortable, my instinct is not to avoid the discomfort but to become at peace with it. My instinct is always to seek out challenges asopposed to avoiding them.” — Josh Waitzkin

When you begin feeling uncomfortable, that’s when you start feeling good. That’s when you’re growing. No pain no gain. That’s your happy place. That’s where most people stop. But not you.

9. Do It Because Of Love

In the end, there’s nothing more important than deep connection with humanity. The love you feel for other people is an experience that eclipses all others in life.

So much of training and personal progress is introspective — focused on the self. However, moving outward and focusing on the needs of others provides new meaning for your work. Become the best at what you do, not because of the legacy you’ll leave, but because of the lives you’ll bless.

There is a four stage hierarchy of motivations in psychology.

At stage one, you are motivated by fear. Everything you do is to avoid punishment or negative outcomes. According to decision theory, this form of motivation is prevention focused.

At stage two, you are motivated by reward. Everything you do is to get what you want. If you are religious, you follow the commandments solely for the blessings it provides. If you are in business, you do only that which you believe will get you ahead. Thus, you are promotion focused.

Both stage one and stage two demonstrate extrinsic motivation, which is far less powerful than intrinsic motivation.

At stage three, you are motivated by duty. You’re going to do what you believe you should whether you receive a reward or not. You have no fear of punishment. You are intrinsically motivated. But there’s a lack of passion. There’s a lack of life that will take you beyond human ability and reasoning.

At stage four, you are motivated by love. You have moved beyond worry for your own needs. Your aim is to bring as much joy to each individual as you possibly can. Your love transcends human reasoning. It drives you to do things most would consider crazy. You no longer live by conventional rules or wisdom. You are directed by the highest and purest power in existence.


You can quickly get to the point where you do what you love for a living. This will require hard work, sacrifice, and consistency. However, what got you here won’t get you there. Becoming the best involves transcending guidelines and following your instinct.

You get to decide the level of impact or quality of the work you do. You can become the best in the world. It begins with elevated thinking.

Are YOU going to get to the top 1 percent?

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How To Get A Better Sleep

 Hey there,
If you want to improve the quality of your sleep and you need a bunch of useful tips of natural methods then I want to suggest to read the article in this letter. You might find  severe natural options to try that are far preferable to any of the precription drugs.
High-Quality Sleep

Story at-a-glance

  • In the morning, bright, blue-light-rich sunlight signals to your body that it’s time to wake up, so be sure to get bright light exposure upon waking
  • At night, as the sun sets, darkness should signal to your body that it’s time to sleep, so avoid exposure to blue light after sunset (blue-light-blocking glasses make this simple)
  • For short-term sleep disruptions such as jet lag, melatonin supplement can help to reset your internal clock.

Natural Secrets to Help You Get a Sound Night’s Sleep

By Dr. Mercola

Sleep is an integral part of being human, but one that, unfortunately, many people struggle with. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which has called insufficient sleep a public health problem, states that 1 in 3 adults don’t get enough sleep.1

The number may be even higher in actuality, as they used seven hours or more a night as a “healthy sleep duration.” Although everyone’s sleep needs vary, most adults probably need closer to eight hours of sleep a night to reap its full benefits.

If you don’t get enough sleep, your risk of chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and cancer increases. Lack of sleep also raises your risk of stroke, obesity and problems with mental health. So suffice to say, if you’re not sleeping well, it’s time to change that.

Using Melatonin to Adjust Your Internal Clock

In the 21st century, there are many reasons why you may have trouble nodding off, but for many it comes down to a hectic schedule, exposure to too much light at night and not enough exposure to sunlight during the day.

The end result is that your circadian rhythm (or your internal clock or sleep-wake cycle) may be completely out of whack. Oftentimes, making changes to your sleep-hygiene routine and lifestyle, such as exercising more and avoiding exposure to blue light at night, can significantly improve your sleep.

However, the hormone melatonin may also be useful for some people. Your pineal gland, a pea-sized gland in your brain, produces melatonin roughly in approximation to the contrast of bright sun exposure in the day and complete darkness at night.

In a normal night’s sleep, your melatonin levels may begin to rise around 9 p.m. or 10 p.m. and stay elevated for about 12 hours. Then, as the sun rises, your pineal gland reduces your production of melatonin, and the levels in your blood decrease until they’re hardly measurable at all.

Who May Benefit From Melatonin Supplementation?

When your circadian rhythms are disrupted, such as from shift work, jet lag or nighttime light exposure, your body produces less melatonin. It’s these instances when supplementing with melatonin can be most useful, as it may help to reset your internal clock.2

In a Cochrane review that analyzed 10 randomized trials, for instance, melatonin significantly reduced or prevented jet lag when taken close to the target bedtime at the destination.

The researchers recommended melatonin for adult travelers flying across five or more time zones, particularly in the eastern direction and, if necessary, for those flying across two to four time zones.3

Keep in mind that only a very small dose is required — typically 0.25 milligrams (mg) or 0.5 mg to start with, and you can adjust it up from there.

Taking higher doses, such as 3 mg, can sometimes make you more wakeful instead of sleepier, so adjust your dose carefully and, ideally, under the guidance of a holistic health care practitioner.

In addition, melatonin supplementation may be most effective in people with low melatonin levels. If your levels are optimized, you may not experience additional sleep benefits from added supplementation.

Melatonin is also typically something that should be taken for short-term periods only, as taking it longer may interfere with your body’s natural melatonin production.

Dr. Christopher Winter, medical director of the Martha Jefferson Hospital Sleep Medicine Center in Charlottesville, Virginia, told Time you should limit its use to four or five days at a time:4

“It’s a good way to re-create circadian rhythms when they’ve been disrupted … For chronic melatonin users, your body’s circadian rhythm can get pushed back over time …

So if your brain was naturally secreting melatonin every evening at 7 p.m., it may start to think it doesn’t need to secrete it until 11 p.m., for example, because that’s when you’ve been taking a melatonin pill.”

Are There Other Natural Sleep Supplements?

There are, although remember that even natural sleep aids should be used only as a short-term fix (such as when you’re traveling) or as an adjunct to lifestyle changes that will help you sleep better.

Natural options are far preferable to prescription sleeping pills, some of which have been linked to an increased risk of cancer and death.5 Some natural options for better sleep include:


The herb chamomile is typically used in the form of infusions, liquid extracts or essential oils made from the plant’s fresh or dried flower heads. It has sedative effects that may help with sleep, which is why chamomile tea is often sipped before bed.

One study found that people with insomnia who took a chamomile supplement had improvements in daytime functioning and potential benefits on sleep measures as well.6 According to Molecular Medicine Reports:7

“Chamomile is widely regarded as a mild tranquillizer and sleep-inducer. Sedative effects may be due to the flavonoid apigenin that binds to benzodiazepine receptors in the brain.

Studies in preclinical models have shown anticonvulsant and CNS [central nervous system] depressant effects respectively … [10] cardiac patients are reported to have immediately fallen into a deep sleep lasting for 90 minutes after drinking chamomile tea.”

2.Kava Kava

Kava kava, or simply kava, is a root native to the South Pacific islands that’s traditionally consumed as a tea. Known for its sedative and anti-anxiety properties, kava has been found to be beneficial in relieving stress-induced insomnia.8,9

There have been reports of liver damage linked to kava supplements, but it’s unknown if the damage was due to a compound in kava, contamination or other reasons.

3. Valerian

Valerian is a natural sedative herb that works by increasing levels of gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA).10 GABA, an amino acid, is the major inhibitory neurotransmitter in your central nervous system (CNS).

Your body uses GABA to dampen nerve activity in your brain, which leads to feelings of calm and relaxation. Many anti-anxiety medications and sleeping pills, including alprazolam (Xanax) and diazepam (Valium), also work by increasing the amount of GABA in your brain.

Quite a bit of research has been done on valerian’s benefits for sleep (the root is what’s used medicinally), including a meta-analysis that found the herb improves sleep quality without side effects.11

In another study, valerian extract treated insomnia as well as oxazepam (a drug that’s similar to Valium and Xanax).12 Valerian is available in supplement form, but you can also take it as a tea or tincture.


Your body produces 5-HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan) from the amino acid tryptophan (found in foods like poultry, eggs and cheese).

However, eating tryptophan-rich foods is not likely to significantly increase your 5-HTP levels, so 5-HTP supplements (which are made from extracts of the seeds of the African tree Griffonia simplicifolia) are sometimes used.

The chemical 5-HTP works in your brain and central nervous system by promoting the production of the neurotransmitter serotonin, and thereby may help boost mood and enhance sleep.

In one study, an amino acid preparation containing both GABA (a calming neurotransmitter) and 5-HTP reduced time to fall asleep, increased the duration of sleep and improved sleep quality.13 Further, as noted by the University of Maryland Medical Center:14

“In one study, people who took 5-HTP went to sleep quicker and slept more deeply than those who took a placebo. Researchers recommend 200 to 400 mg at night to stimulate serotonin, but it may take [six] to 12 weeks to be fully effective.”

There may be some beneficial “side effects” to 5-HTP as well. Research suggests the supplement naturally reduces appetite and food intake (including reduced carbohydrate consumption) and is associated with significant weight loss.15


There are different types of GABA in supplement form, including a synthetic variety produced from the industrial solvent pyrrolidinone and other chemicals and a natural form made via fermentation with Lactobacillus hilgardi, a beneficial bacteria also used to make the traditional Korean vegetable dish kimchi.

Recent research showed the natural GABA had various sleep-improving effects. The researchers measured brain waves using electroencephalography (EEG) after participants took 100 milligrams (mg) of natural GABA or placebo. Those who took GABA fell asleep faster and had longer quality sleep time. They also reported feeling more energized in the morning.16

A 2015 study also found GABA produced by fermentation shortened the time it took to fall asleep and also increased non-REM sleep time by 5 percent when taken in combination with Apocynum venetum leaf extract (AVLE).17

Fermented foods like fermented vegetables and kefir are rich in beneficial bacteria that have a marked impact on your GABA levels.18 Since your body produces GABA from glutamate, eating foods rich in this substance may also help to optimize your GABA levels.

Foods naturally high in glutamate/glutamic acid include protein-rich grass-fed meat, pastured eggs and poultry, raw grass-fed cheese and wild-caught fish, along with sea vegetables, ripe tomatoes and mushrooms.

Try Calming Music Before Bed

Music is another effective, inexpensive and non-invasive tool you can use to promote sound sleep. A meta-analysis of six studies published in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews found that “music may be effective for improving subjective sleep quality in adults with insomnia symptoms.”19

Music has also been found to lead to better sleep quality for sleep-disturbed pregnant women,20 and listening to music at bedtime for 30 days was enough to significantly increase sleep quality in adults with insomnia as well.21 An investigation by Newsweek also revealed insights into the types of music that may be best for sleep. In a survey of more than 650 people, the top-rated composers of “sleep music” included Bach, Ed Sheeran, Mozart, Brian Eno and Coldplay.

Beyond that, the music choices were incredibly varied (encompassing 545 different artists) as were the reasons people chose to listen to music at bedtime. According to Newsweek:22

“In our research, people highlighted the importance of music for blocking disruptive external (such as traffic) and internal (like tinnitus) sounds, for filling uncomfortable silences and providing a sense of companionship and security. This suggests that a one size fits all approach to music for sleep is unlikely to suit all insomniacs, because people are tuning into so many different types of music for so many different reasons.”

Tweaking Your Light Exposure for Optimal Sleep

Perhaps the most important natural “trick” of all for improving your sleep is to make sure you’re getting proper exposure to bright light during the day and no exposure to blue light at night. In the morning, bright, blue-light-rich sunlight signals to your body that it’s time to wake up. At night, as the sun sets, darkness should signal to your body that it’s time to sleep.

Ideally, to help your circadian system reset itself, get at least 10 to 15 minutes of natural light first thing in the morning. This will send a strong message to your internal clock that day has arrived, making it less likely to be confused by weaker light signals later on.

Then, around solar noon, get another “dose” of at least 30 minutes’ worth of sunlight. A full hour or more would be even better. If your schedule is such that you have to get up and arrive at work before sunrise, aim to get at least that half hour of bright sunlight sometime during the day.

In the evening when the sun begins to set, put on amber-colored glasses that block blue light. You can also dim your lights (whether they’re LED, incandescent or compact fluorescent lamps [CFLs]) and turn off electronic devices to reduce your exposure to light that may stifle your melatonin production. Also please be sure to read my recent article on the dangers of LED lights.

After sundown, you can also shift to a low-wattage bulb with yellow, orange or red light if you need illumination. A salt lamp illuminated by a 5-watt bulb is an ideal solution that will not interfere with your melatonin production.

Another Healthy Light Alternative

Candles are even a better light source than incandescent bulbs, as there is no electricity involved and is the light that our ancestors have used for many millennia so our bodies are already adapted to it. The only problem is that you need to be very careful about using just any old candle as most are toxic.

As you may or may not know, many candles available today are riddled with toxins, especially paraffin candles. Did you know that paraffin is a petroleum by-product created when crude oil is refined into gasoline? Further, a number of known carcinogens and toxins are added to the paraffin to increase burn stability, not including the potential for lead added to wicks, and soot invading your lungs.

To complicate matters, a lot of candles, both paraffin and soy, are corrupted with toxic dyes and fragrances; some soy candles are only partially soy with many other additives and/or use GMO soy. There seems to be a strange mind-set that exposure to small amounts of toxins is OK, even though the exposure is exponential over time!

The soy is non-GMO, is clean burning without harmful fumes or soot, is grown in the U.S. and is both sustainable and renewable. Also, my candles are completely free of dyes. The soy in these candles is not tested on animals, is free of herbicides and pesticides.

It’s also kosher, 100 percent natural and biodegradable. All of my fragrances are body safe, phthalate- and paraben-free, and contain no California prop 65 ingredients. The wicks are simply flat braided cotton coated in a natural vegetable wax and self-trimming, which reduces carbon build up.

Enjoying a Circle of Life Farms naturally good soy candle and following the simple burn instructions — located inside the candle lid — will give approximately 70+ hours of burn time. Every candle is hand-poured with love for you to enjoy a cooler, cleaner burn, all while being kind to the both the environment and yourself.

You can search online healthy candles, but if you like, you can use the ones I found at www.circleoflifefarms.com. This is not an affiliate link and I earn no commissions on these candles; I just thought you might benefit from the ones I now use in my home.

How to Make Digital Screens Healthier

When it comes to computer screens, Wunsch suggests reducing the correlated color temperature down to 2,700 K — even during the day, not just at night. Many use f.lux to do this, but I have a great surprise for you as I have found a FAR better alternative that was created by Daniel, a 22 year old Bulgarian programmer that Ben Greenfield introduced to me.

He is one of the rare people that already knew most of the information in this article. So he was using f.lux but was very frustrated with the controls. He attempted to contact them but they never got back to him. So he created a massively superior alternative called Iris. It is free, but you’ll want to pay the $2 and reward Daniel with the donation. You can purchase the $2 Iris software here.OLED screen technology is another development that may be better than conventional screens.

“[With] the OLEDs technology, I’m not sure if the color is really stable in every angle you can look at the display,” Wunsch says. “But definitely, if you have the screen technology where black is really black, then you have less radiation coming into your eyes and the OLEDs technology is able to provide this.

So the high contrasts between the black and white, all the black areas in the thin-film-transistor (TFT) screen or the standard screen are not really black. They are also emitting shortwave radiation. The OLED screen only emits where you see light, where there is black on the screen, there is no light. This might be preferable as long as you have no problems with the [viewing] angle.

How to manage to live up to 100 Year? And preferably Healthy and Happy Life

Hey there,

Dr Oz, the popular tv doctor decided to examine what it takes of life factors for people to live up to 100 year. He chose a close at hand method; he examined the available scientific research results and then looked around among centenarians to hunt up their secrets.

we are born with a full set of genes, that’ll determining  a number of passed on by heredity, such as the color of your eyes or your tallness or risk of heartdisease. But it would be quite a blunder to think  that we can not influence our genes, that we can’t do anything about our aging process. Science has discoved the biological mechanism which regulates why and how we are aging.

In fact, we do have the possibility to live until one hundred year and being active, full of energy and healthy. But the secret of a long life is not just the case of preventing illness, but even to be able of full Recovery from illnesses, whether it is heart disease or even cancer, says Dr Oz, and he sums up the knowledge scientists know today and the experience of lifestyle of centenarians they gathered.

Do they live longer, people who eat less…?

Mr J. A.  lost weight by the conventional way; he ate less. Less of everything. As a volunteer, with a number of other volunteers, he took place at the Comprehensive Assessment of Long-Term Effects of Reducing Intake of Energy, (acronym, CALERIE). This long term project was aimed to  study the effects of reduced calorie intake over long time. J.A. reduced his daily calorie intake by 25%. And the fat of his body began to melt down. J. A. a 52 year old physical training master lost 11 kg, 25 lbs in 8 months.  But reducing their daily meal (energy intake ) by a fourth part wasn’t the main purpose of the study. The researchers wanted to get answers to other questions, that were, a reduced amount of food would make slow down the aging process and would make extend the length of life…?

“I feel much better! Lighter and healthier – said J A. – If it’ll help me to live longer, well it’ll be wonderful!”

The “calorie gathering ” researchers asked themselves This important question:  If we eat of the purpose to keep ourselves alive, then how can starvation lengthen our lives?   Well, studies have shown and confirmed just that. ( Lab mice lived 50% longer with a reduced diet than their well feeded fellow mice. At the University of Visconsin, the researchers were feeding rhesus monkeys with calorie reduced diet which resulted in more fitness and much less diseases in diabetes, heart- and vessel diseases and cancer than their feeded comrades).

The Benefits of Reduced Diet

While the meals used in the studie were calorie reduced by 25-30% the meals compounded all of the essential nutrients  we need for staying healthy. And at the end it lengthens our Life. The explanations are that, if we eat calorie reduced food, containing all the nutrients, it’ll reducing not only the risk to become ill, but also have a good chance to reduce high blood pressure, cholesterol and minimize the risk for getting diabetes , cancer and other threatening illnesses.

And that gets you a huge advantage to turn it into plus years to live.

What are the benefits of this studie?

The studie’s made with healthy participants and the purpose was to get answer to how a full nutritious and low calorie diet is functioning and affecting  people. The researchers hope they’ll find the biological connection between  hunger and long life.  It assumes that hunger’ll hold people in a state of readiness (as I interpret as a biological being)  and that state  make them more resistant to illnesses. This could be a theory of evolution of survival in difficult times.

The participants became more healthy

Mr J A and other participants of the CALERIE  study are healthy volunteers with normal weight . Every participant did got the individually  calculated low calorie  containing meal  plans with lots of salads, vegetables, fruits,grilled chickens and lots of fiber and  did not have to starve.  They  did lose weight by 15% at the end of the first year during the long term study and  with it high blood pressure and cholesterol level. Researchers are also studying whether their  IFG-1 protein are lowering  (it’s an insulin like growth factor , it even used in body building preparations) which also has been connected to aging process.

What can we learn…?

If it’ll show that reduced calorie intake  lengthens life, will people be ready to take the action  and lower their calorie intake by 25%? Or will they continue to eat high in calorie food and too much of cheap junk food? These kind of studies Can help figure out and learn how low calorie (and healthy) food can  affect our biological aging. Those who’ll understand, will be able to take controll over their appetite.

Dr Oz’s. 5 advices – in brief.

1. Exercise. Daily physical exercise preventing the strength of the bones, muscles and the heart. It even traines your balance that is important for people in higher ages to eliminate risk for falling, because bone fracture and  the following complications is one of the main cause of  death in elderly   People. Physical exercise, go out and take a 400m walk in 5 minutes and take a 30 minutes walk, 3 times a week.

2. Expose to the sun under 15 minutes every day or take 1000 IE vitamin D,1000mg Calcium,500 mg magnesium to prevent constipation and to protect bone strength.

3. Eat clean, natural food, the more unprocessed the better to protect you from obesity and high pressure of the skeleton,high cholesterol, inflammation, diabetes, heart-vessel diseases, protect the Brain and from cancer.

4. Be kind to yourself and have good sleeping habit. Recommended sleeping time is at least 7 hout per night. Growth hormone’s building  under night hours and the hormone responses for vitality.

5. Do have aim, purpose, goals in your life in your family and friends, in your work, engage with your community. Helping and loving one another is the best thing in life. And love yourself and truly appreciate your life.

All the best


PS. Awesome Articles about How You Can Too Boost Your Energy,Loose Weight,Get A Healthy Body. Take a look at <a href=”http://weightlossdietingplans.com/index-z-gabikaroly.htmlIMG_0846