How to manage to live up to 100 Year? And preferably Healthy and Happy Life

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Dr Oz, the popular tv doctor decided to examine what it takes of life factors for people to live up to 100 year. He chose a close at hand method; he examined the available scientific research results and then looked around among centenarians to hunt up their secrets.

we are born with a full set of genes, that’ll determining  a number of passed on by heredity, such as the color of your eyes or your tallness or risk of heartdisease. But it would be quite a blunder to think  that we can not influence our genes, that we can’t do anything about our aging process. Science has discoved the biological mechanism which regulates why and how we are aging.

In fact, we do have the possibility to live until one hundred year and being active, full of energy and healthy. But the secret of a long life is not just the case of preventing illness, but even to be able of full Recovery from illnesses, whether it is heart disease or even cancer, says Dr Oz, and he sums up the knowledge scientists know today and the experience of lifestyle of centenarians they gathered.

Do they live longer, people who eat less…?

Mr J. A.  lost weight by the conventional way; he ate less. Less of everything. As a volunteer, with a number of other volunteers, he took place at the Comprehensive Assessment of Long-Term Effects of Reducing Intake of Energy, (acronym, CALERIE). This long term project was aimed to  study the effects of reduced calorie intake over long time. J.A. reduced his daily calorie intake by 25%. And the fat of his body began to melt down. J. A. a 52 year old physical training master lost 11 kg, 25 lbs in 8 months.  But reducing their daily meal (energy intake ) by a fourth part wasn’t the main purpose of the study. The researchers wanted to get answers to other questions, that were, a reduced amount of food would make slow down the aging process and would make extend the length of life…?

“I feel much better! Lighter and healthier – said J A. – If it’ll help me to live longer, well it’ll be wonderful!”

The “calorie gathering ” researchers asked themselves This important question:  If we eat of the purpose to keep ourselves alive, then how can starvation lengthen our lives?   Well, studies have shown and confirmed just that. ( Lab mice lived 50% longer with a reduced diet than their well feeded fellow mice. At the University of Visconsin, the researchers were feeding rhesus monkeys with calorie reduced diet which resulted in more fitness and much less diseases in diabetes, heart- and vessel diseases and cancer than their feeded comrades).

The Benefits of Reduced Diet

While the meals used in the studie were calorie reduced by 25-30% the meals compounded all of the essential nutrients  we need for staying healthy. And at the end it lengthens our Life. The explanations are that, if we eat calorie reduced food, containing all the nutrients, it’ll reducing not only the risk to become ill, but also have a good chance to reduce high blood pressure, cholesterol and minimize the risk for getting diabetes , cancer and other threatening illnesses.

And that gets you a huge advantage to turn it into plus years to live.

What are the benefits of this studie?

The studie’s made with healthy participants and the purpose was to get answer to how a full nutritious and low calorie diet is functioning and affecting  people. The researchers hope they’ll find the biological connection between  hunger and long life.  It assumes that hunger’ll hold people in a state of readiness (as I interpret as a biological being)  and that state  make them more resistant to illnesses. This could be a theory of evolution of survival in difficult times.

The participants became more healthy

Mr J A and other participants of the CALERIE  study are healthy volunteers with normal weight . Every participant did got the individually  calculated low calorie  containing meal  plans with lots of salads, vegetables, fruits,grilled chickens and lots of fiber and  did not have to starve.  They  did lose weight by 15% at the end of the first year during the long term study and  with it high blood pressure and cholesterol level. Researchers are also studying whether their  IFG-1 protein are lowering  (it’s an insulin like growth factor , it even used in body building preparations) which also has been connected to aging process.

What can we learn…?

If it’ll show that reduced calorie intake  lengthens life, will people be ready to take the action  and lower their calorie intake by 25%? Or will they continue to eat high in calorie food and too much of cheap junk food? These kind of studies Can help figure out and learn how low calorie (and healthy) food can  affect our biological aging. Those who’ll understand, will be able to take controll over their appetite.

Dr Oz’s. 5 advices – in brief.

1. Exercise. Daily physical exercise preventing the strength of the bones, muscles and the heart. It even traines your balance that is important for people in higher ages to eliminate risk for falling, because bone fracture and  the following complications is one of the main cause of  death in elderly   People. Physical exercise, go out and take a 400m walk in 5 minutes and take a 30 minutes walk, 3 times a week.

2. Expose to the sun under 15 minutes every day or take 1000 IE vitamin D,1000mg Calcium,500 mg magnesium to prevent constipation and to protect bone strength.

3. Eat clean, natural food, the more unprocessed the better to protect you from obesity and high pressure of the skeleton,high cholesterol, inflammation, diabetes, heart-vessel diseases, protect the Brain and from cancer.

4. Be kind to yourself and have good sleeping habit. Recommended sleeping time is at least 7 hout per night. Growth hormone’s building  under night hours and the hormone responses for vitality.

5. Do have aim, purpose, goals in your life in your family and friends, in your work, engage with your community. Helping and loving one another is the best thing in life. And love yourself and truly appreciate your life.

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